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Since its introduction in the mid seventies, numerous green areas worldwide - especially pitches - have been laid with artificial grass. Over the past few years, more and more private persons use the green luxury product for home applications. A large family garden, a trendy roof terrace, a tidy golf green, a small city garden or a neat strip of grass along the pool, there are many places where grass has little to no chance at all of growing. The solution? The new generation of artificial grass! Thanks to intense research on the structure of natural grass, Namgrass can offer a very realistic product. Mowing, sprinkling, killing weeds and fertilising the ground are things of the past.



A beautiful and green lawn, throughout the year, no discoloured or dry spots.

Low maintenance

No more lawn to mow, weeds to pull, borders to trim, moss to remove or soil to fertilise.

Low cost

No more sprinkler, fertiliser, pesticides, sowing or buying and servicing garden machines. In short, artificial grass is a good investment and it will add value to your property!


No more contamination of the groundwater by chemical fertilisers and pesticides. No more wasting precious water. No more fumes or noise from lawn mowers. Mowing the lawn and getting rid of garden waste are things of the past. And on top of that, Namgrass is completely recyclable!


No more dirty sand or green marks on your shoes or clothes.

High durability and wear resistance

Namgrass has a long lifespan and a high UV resistance. It is resistant against the chlorine water of your swimming pool and against excrements from cats and dogs. On top of that, it is completely wear resistant, even when intensely used by playing children or animals.

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