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  1. Can the colour of Namgrass fade?
  2. Discolouration of the grass is prevented by the addition of a unique UV stabiliser and the special composition of the fibres of the grass. Namgrass is tested for UV stability and protection against discolouration under the most severe circumstances..

    Heavy rain, prolonged exposure to the sun, frost and severe hail do not pose a problem. This is why Namgrass can offer an 8 year anti-discolouration warranty on its product range.

  3. What can artificial grass be used for?
  4. There are numerous applications for artificial grass: gardens, terraces, events, the building of stands, lounges, wall covering, finishing of ponds and swimming pools, golf greens and pitches, showrooms and shops.

  5. Does artificial grass need maintenance?
  6. Natural materials such as leaves, catkins of trees and seeds of surrounding plants need to be removed. This can be done by means of a leaf blower/vacuum or simply with a broom or a rake. The special layer at the bottom of the artificial grass stops any weeds from growing.

  7. What about animal excrements on the artificial grass?
  8. Small faeces will decompose naturally and disappear after some time. It is advisable to remove the faeces of larger animals manually, as is the case with natural grass. Urine and such are not harmful, it will not cause discolouration of the fibres.

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